Monday 30 September 2019
08h30 – 08h45OpeningOpening of Conference and WelcomingKaren Stevens /  
Reana Steyn
08h45 – 09h30PanelThe Fundamental Principles for Ombud Schemes: critical evaluation and application of the effective approachesKaren Stevens /
Doug Melville
09h30 – 09h45Q&A  
09h45 – 10h30SpeakerThe new approach to consumer protection and regulation of Ombud schemes in SACaroline da Silva
10h30 – 10h45Q & A  
10h45 – 11h15Tea  
11h15 – 12h30Breakaway group discussionHot Topics – discussing the latest hot topics in each industry sector (Banking/Insurance/Investments)Group discussions lead by session chairs
12h30 – 13h00Feedback  
13h00 – 14h00Lunch  
14h00 – 15h15PanelLearnings from Ombud schemes that went through a merger/consolidation process: A panel discussion with  Ireland and Australia?Ger Deering /
Phillip Fields
 Or alternative session  
 PanelResolving cross border disputes: how technology and new methodologies can be appliedSujatha Sekhar Naik
15h15 – 15h45Tea  
15h45 – 16h45PanelCommunication for Ombud Schemes -Expert speaker & Panel discussion Wendy Knowler /
Nicci Sladden
16h45 – 17h00Q&A  
Tuesday 1 October 2019
08h30 – 09h30Breakaway group discussionHot topic: The challenges affecting bigger established schemes vs challenges of small or new schemes Group discussions lead by session chairs
09h30 – 10h00Feedback  
10h00 – 10h45SpeakerThe advent of “Robo-Advice” and the impact on Ombuds and complaintsNaresh Tulsie
10h45 – 11h15Tea  
11h15 – 12h15PanelThe benefits of different structures to resolve complaints i.e. small groups/triage system/panel decisions/teams/single case handler from start to endElina Antila /
Deanne Woods
12h15 – 13h00SpeakerBenchmarking Performance for an OmbudsmanMuvhango Lukhaimane
13h00 – 14h00Lunch  
14h00 – 14h45SpeakerExpert advice on what to expect from innovation in the Fintech spaceDominic Collett
14h45 – 15h30PanelImplications of Fintech for Ombuds SchemesEdrich Buytendorp / Caroline Wayman
15h30 – 16h00Tea  
16h00 – 17h00INFO Network AGM  


Wednesday 2 October 2019
08h30 – 09h30Breakaway group discussionSecond Hot issues discussion for Banking / Insurance / Investments sectors – Breakaway group discussionGroup discussions lead by session chairs
09h30 – 10h00Feedback  
10h00 – 10h45SpeakerApplying fairness in Ombudsman rulings: challenges and successes tba
10h45 – 11h15Tea  
11h15 – 12h15SpeakerAn external view of the importance of Facilitation and Mediation in ADRNerine Kahn
12h15 – 12h45INFO2020 PresentationTo be revealed at the conference 
12h45 – 13h00ClosingINFO Network Chairperson and Conference HostKaren Stevens / 
 Reana Steyn